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Check-In: Prioritize Your Mental Health for your Future Client (And Self!)

The special thing about working with Simplified SEO Consulting is that we’re doing optimization with ethics in mind. You can trust that we’re not going to sell you some business-y jibber jabber. Our #1 priority is to market a specialized mental health professional to the people that need their services most. Our team consists of mental health professionals from across the board. On our team, we have LCSWs, Masters in Mental Health Counseling candidates, MSW candidates, and more. 

Any time you meet with a Mental Health SEO Specialist, you can trust that we have some sort of background in mental health. 

That being said, as a mental health professional yourself, there’s a reason we all got into this thing. Everyone has their own story as to what drew them to the field of mental health. Some may say they always knew they wanted to go into mental health, some may say that they experienced something big that changed their life trajectory into having a mental health career. Maybe you’re a person who still isn’t sure about the mental health field, or on the opposite end, you loved it too much that now you’re burnout of the field. Whatever it is, I don’t know your story, I only know mine. I got into mental health so that I could be part of something bigger, something that would make a lasting impact. And that’s what guides my work here at Simplified SEO Consulting. 

Mental health professionals are always carrying things around for others, when they deserve some mental health check-ins as well! Get connected to a mental health SEO specialist today.

That’s really what guides us all at Simplified SEO Consulting. Now, you may be sitting there asking me what this has to do with you. But if you clicked on this blog, maybe you need a reminder of why you started. So let’s talk about ways to support you. Oftentimes, we as mental health professionals hold space for a lot of hard discussions, which is incredible. We all know how obvious that is needed. But we also need to hold space for ourselves. And I know, “hold space” sounds trendy and superficial, but it’s true. We do it all the time for our clients. Holding space is defined by Health Plett, researcher and author of The Art of Holding Space: A Practice of Love, Liberation, and Leadership, as “the practice of showing up for another person and allowing them to have whatever experience they’re having without trying to direct them or fix them.” 

So, I’d like to check-in and discuss ways in which you can support yourself, we can support you, and why that’s important for your ideal client. 

Supporting Yourself

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We all know the common phrase, you can’t fill from an empty cup. And as cliche, as it sounds, it’s a great analogy for taking of yourself. Recently, I’ve been talking to a lot of my clients about how exhausting my school semester has been. And a lot of times, they mirror my sentiments. Add COVID to the list of “Things That Are Exhausting Mental Health Professionals Right Now”, (coming 2023), and we are at a 43% burnout rate in health care professionals as a whole. How have you supported yourself this past week? The past month? Have you been at all slacking on the things you know you need to be doing for your mental and physical well-being? If you have, let this be a friendly reminder to do those things! Some examples I use are to journal/brain dump, call my grandma, go shoot some hoops, and watch a comedy movie. Mental health can be so serious sometimes, and while I love it, I know it has to be balanced with something a little more fun.

Us Supporting You


While we know we’re in the business of marketing, we value having an authentic approach. That being said, we will never try to sell you into anything we don’t truly think is beneficial for you. Another one of my favorite parts of this job is that our clients can network with each other within the Facebook group. While the group is usually used for SEO tips and marketing discussions, we know that support within the mental health field is so, so important. Find a buddy within our Facebook group! Ask them questions related to the practice, and build a connection! We do this largely for networking, but also because we can all use a little bit of support now and again.

Why Does This All Matter To Your Future Client Again? 

If you’re burnt out providing therapy, you’re doing more harm to your clients than good. Burnout doesn’t allow you to be present with yourself or with your clients. They, and you, deserve the most present self you can muster.

SEO Specialist for mental health therapist websites, Jewel.

About the Author

Jewel is currently part of our team as a Mental Health Specialist at Simplified SEO Consulting. She helps private practice owners find their ideal clients by optimizing their websites and providing direct support to clients. Jewel loves the gratification when she sees a therapist’s data increasing and their phones buzzing. As a person who puts a lot of value into mental health, she loves knowing that Simplified’s services help therapists and patients find each other to improve mental health in the world. Jewel is currently in her Master’s in Social Work program at the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare. She also interns every week at a Kansas City psychiatric hospital. When she has the time, she loves to read, volunteer, spend time with friends, and travel.

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