Wisdom from Couples & Marriage Therapists

Couples & marriage therapists are some of our favorite SEO clients!

Honestly, I (Jessica) have never felt the calling to do couples therapy. It’s not that I don’t value relationships. I absolutely do. And I see the impact of relationships on a person’s mental health in that I talk about my client’s relationships with them every single day in therapy. But it’s a unique thing, couples therapy.  And I think it takes a particularly gifted mental health clinician. You’re worried about the well-being of TWO people. And the relationship itself is your client. Sounds intense.

But I’ve known incredible, incredible couples therapists.  And some of them have been so passionate about their work that they made me wonder just for a second if I should go take an EFT or Gottman Training. But then, I always realize that these couples therapists are so incredibly amazing and passionate about that work that I don’t think I could even try unless I found that same level of passion.

So, if you’re a couple looking for a couples therapist, I know some great ones. And I highly recommend continuing to look until you find a clinician as passionate and skilled as some of the therapists, counselors, and psychologists our SEO team has had the honor of working with!