Couples & Marriage Therapists are some of our favorite SEO clients….

Honestly, I (Jessica) have never felt the calling to do couples therapy. It’s not that I don’t value relationships. I absolutely do. And I see the impact of relationships on a person’s mental health in that I talk about my client’s relationships with them every single day in therapy. But it’s a unique thing, couples therapy.  And I think it take a particularly gifted mental health clinician. You’re worried about the wellbeing of TWO people. And the relationship itself is your client. Sounds intense.

But I’ve known incredible, incredible couples therapists.  And some of them have been so passionate about their work that they made me wonder just for a second if I should go take an EFT or Gottman Training. But then, I always realize that these couples therapists are so incredibly amazing and passionate about that work that I don’t think I could even try unless I found that same level of passion.

So, if you’re a couple looking for a couples therapist, I know some great ones. And I highly recommend continuing to look until you find a clinician as passionate and skilled as some of the therapists, counselors and psychologists our SEO team has had the honor of working with!

Relationship Advice & Inspirational Tidbits We’ve Learned From Couples Therapists

One of the biggest things I’ve personally learned from our couples therapist clients is that it IS possible for a relationship to recover after an affair.  I personally grew up thinking that an affair meant a marriage or relationship was over.  I just thought there was no coming back. But our clients have taught me that’s just not always the case.  That if a couple is committed to making it work and really willing to invest in the relationship, they CAN make it work.

Information About Starting the Journey Toward Healing After an Affair

An amazing couples therapist in Florida specializing in affair recovery talks about this in many of her podcast episodes & blog posts. I love reading her information when our team works on her website because I find it inspirational. She truly understands infidelity and goes the extra length to help couples find their way forward.  Here’s a great post she wrote on what stops a relationship from recovering from after an affair and the general layout of a roadmap to recovery.

No matter where you live, if your life has been touched by infidelity I highly recommend checking out Idit’s Relationships Uncomplicated Podcast and looking into her Infidelity Recovery Program!

Revitalizing Relationships: It’s Possible to Get the Spark Back

Relationships are challenging. But it’s possible to fall in love all over again with one another. And even more than that, you can fall in love with the life you choose to live together. As couples move through the years, they encounter many different stages. But they absolutely can grow back together. If you’re feeling doubtful, just chat with a marriage counselor & they’ll inspire you to believe in a couple’s ability to reconnect and reignite the spark! At a private practice based in Louisville, CO, a couples therapist provides specialized services for the many stages couples go through.

Couples Can Move Forward After a Fight

Christian therapists from Oregon share tips on how couples can get off of the revolving merry-go-round of fights and repair their relationship after conflict. They can do this by learning to effectively communicate with each other with intentionality and grace. This process involves identifying what they are feeling, validating their partner’s reality, understanding the other person’s triggers, accepting responsibility, and planning for the future. By doing so, they can break the cycle of conflict and move forward in their relationship.

Co-Parenting Can Be Successful

Coparenting is difficult. There’s a reason the couple separated in the first place. But co-parent counseling can help co-parents learn to work together for the best interest of their children.

Navigating the Dynamics of Neurodiverse Couples

Most intimate relationships have some level of complication. However, we know that certain factors can complicate some relationships at a greater rate. A counselor and career coach in Houston, Texas offers couples counseling for neurodiverse couples. This looks like couples where one or both partners have a mental health diagnosis. With this counselor’s approach, she offers perspectives to both parties on how they can navigate dynamics that are difficult for them.

Couples Tension during the Holiday Season

During this time of uncertainty, couples are beginning to find frustration with one another while trying to cope with new norms. Co-habiting or being married can be hard whenever life throws a wrench at you. An online therapist offering online therapy in Texas and Indiana has started encouraging online couples therapy for those experiencing tension. This therapist has a great read about relationship tension and holidays for those trying to combat added relationship stress.

Couples Therapy is Complex

A California couples therapist we worked with, Lisa, talked about how complicated marriage counseling can be, particularly couples therapy after an affair.  She talks about the impact of past trauma on a relationship and the many factors that go into a couple’s decision to seek marriage counseling such as the expense, not feeling safe speaking about their relationship issues and fear that talking about the affair is dwelling too much in the past.

Online Therapy for Busy Moms?

An online therapist in Maryland and Washington, D.C. are providing mental health access to overwhelmed moms from all over the state. Being a mom doesn’t mean you don’t matter, and this online therapy practice is giving you an opportunity to be put first.

Struggling to Find Control As A Parent?

You love being a parent, but connecting with your kid isn’t always straightforward. Do you wish you could find healthy and helpful techniques to better understand your child? An online therapist in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  can provide helpful tips with parent coaching.

Attachment Development and Strategies with Kids

It is important to develop and process events in our own lives in order to heal, but how do we teach these behaviors to our children. Attachment insecurity can develop at any point, we want to be able to combat this and heal in a healthy manner in all stages of life. A therapy team in Clackamas and Hillsboro, Oregon helps to outline what this looks like in action through play and other actions to help you model healthy behaviors and secure attachment parenting for your kids.

Suggestions for the Overwhelmed Mom

A woman-centered mental health private practice in Pennsylvania understands the stress so many are going through at this time. Practicing self-care, mindfulness, and understanding we all need a little help sometimes are only three of the points addressed by a great read on depression therapy for women.