Child running with a kite representing how the child therapists we help can empower children to improve their mental health. We love helping family & child therapists with their websites & learning about them!

To be honest, I (Jessica) thought I’d be focusing my career on child therapy. I went to a lot of trainings for play therapy (I wanted to work toward certification) & was learning TF-CBT to help children with PTSD. But as time went on, I ended up specializing more in anxiety treatment & trauma therapy for teens & adults.  However….as someone who has always been interested in child mental health & family functioning I always get excited when one of our team members shares a tidbit they learned from one of their SEO clients!


Online Family Therapy Can Help During Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been really stressful for pretty much everyone this year.  And when you have stressed out people living together and trying to communicate with one another, conflict can come up.  One of our California therapists wrote a great blog post about how online family therapy can help your family cope with the stress and conflict that might be coming up right now. Many of the therapists we’ve worked with have talked about how therapy can help individuals, couples and kids during this stressful period but we really liked how this blog focused on the benefits to the family unit!

Attachment Development and Strategies with Kids

It is important to develop and process events in our own lives in order to heal, but how do we teach these behaviors to our children. Attachment insecurity can develop at any point, we want to be able to combat this and heal in a healthy manner in all stages of life. A therapy team in Clackamas and Hillsboro, Oregon helps to outline what this looks like in action through play and other actions to help you model healthy behaviors and secure attachment parenting for your kids.

Suggestions for the Overwhelmed Mom

A woman-centered mental health private practice in Pennsylvania understands the stress so many are going through at this time. Practicing self-care, mindfulness, and understanding we all need a little help sometimes are only three of the points addressed by a great read on depression therapy for women.

Online Therapy for Busy Moms?

An online therapist in Maryland and Washington, D.C. are providing mental health access to overwhelmed moms from all over the state. Being a mom doesn’t mean you don’t matter, and this online therapy practice is giving you an opportunity to be put first.

Struggling to Find Control As A Parent?

You love being a parent, but connecting with your kid isn’t always straightforward. Do you wish you could find healthy and helpful techniques to better understand your child? An online therapist in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.  can provide helpful tips with parent coaching.