You’re ready to see a BIG difference in your Search Engine Rankings Quickly.

As a business owner, you are a self starter  and willing to do what it takes to help your small business grow…even learning’s SEO.

However, this SEO business is new territory.  You would like individualized support making these changes to your website as you go along.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are a perfect fit for our “Top of Search Engines” 2.5 day Workshop!  This intense SEO workshop is designed for motivated, busy mental health professionals and small business owners. In a short period of time, we’re not only going to teach you how to optimize your website but help you begin the process right away.

By the time you leave, you will have already set the foundation for good search engine optimization by apply the techniques you are learning on several pages with the help of our SEO specialists.  In fact, throughout the workshop you’ll receive real time feedback from our SEO specialists. This way, you can use our expertise to really make sure the changes you are making will truly improve your search engine rankings.  Then, we’ll teach you exactly what you need to do to keep monitoring your progress and improve your SEO even more over time.

This is your chance to learn SEO, improve your website’s search engine rankings quickly and jump start your business’ growth!

Our “Top of Search Engines” is the perfect fit for business owners that are ready to really dive in, improve their website’s rankings and make a difference quickly!  It’s 2.5 days of intense learning and, more importantly, applying some really effective SEO techniques.

Theresa's SEO ranking data from first in person SEO training workshop showing her counseling website improved in it's Google rankings by over 1,500 spots for less than 50 counseling keywords in only 3 days.

Theresa attended our first ever in person training. In three days, her counseling websites went up over 1,500 spots on Google! When she sent this screen shot to her husband the final morning, he responded with, “Talk about positive reinforcement! I guess you’re getting your money’s worth!”

This is a “jumpstart”

I talk to therapists and small business owners all of the time who really, really want to learn to do their own Search Engine Optimization but struggle to find the time to really learn the skills.  And let’s face it, SEO takes time.  However, I’ve also seen practice owners make HUGE gains very quickly with a little focused effort.  Then it takes less time to maintain those gains and keep creeping up the rest of the way to the first page.

This weekend can be your jumpstart.  You’ll come in with 5 pages of your website ready to be optimized. Our goal is for you to  But we’ll also give you the tools you need to keep up the momentum.  You’ll be signed up with a tool to track your progress.  You’ll have access to an online SEO course that you can refer to review what you’ve learned.  And you might choose to stay in our Facebook group to have a place you can ask lots of follow up questions.

This workshop won’t be the end of your SEO journey.

We know this.  At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a solid start on your SEO. You will have practiced the concepts we talk about on several different pages. However, great ranking takes time, continued monitoring and additional tweaks. Therefore, we’ll talk about how you keep the momentum going.

Throughout the workshop, our SEO specialists will talk to you about how to monitor your progress, the tools we use and how to read the data.  Then, we’ll discuss what to do if your rankings start to drop or if the changes you’ve made aren’t making the difference you hoped.  After the workshop, you’ll have lifetime access to our comprehensive online SEO course that you can refer to as needed to refresh your memory as you work on your site in the future. Furthermore, you’ll have the choice to continue using our SEO tracking tools and stay in our secret Facebook group to keep monitoring your progress & asking questions of our consultants when you get stuck along the way.

Who should attend this SEO training?

Individuals attending this event should be hard working, self motivated problem solvers who are excited to learn to do your own search engine optimization. You should be prepared to put a LOT of hard work into your website, and plan to keep doing your own SEO for the foreseeable future.

Success small business and private practice owners learning SEO tips and tricks in a small group setting with the SEO Consultants at Simplified SEO Consulting

Most of our clients therapists & counselors but we will talk to other healthcare providers (such as chiropractors, midwifes & psychiatrists) about if they may be a good fit as well.  In general, attendees will be business owners.  In some cases, we may consider having someone else attend (for example, the marketing person at a practice), but will need to discuss that on an individual basis to make sure whoever attends has the authority to make the type of changes will be recommending for your site.

What is included?

Support before & after the SEO workshop includes:

The truth is that your SEO training experience begins before the workshop even starts! We have designed this program to offer some supports even before and after the workshop to make sure you really get the most out of the experience.  However, the real magic comes during the days we are actually working together in person!

  • 2 months of membership in our private Facebook group where we share articles tips, answer questions, & regularly
  • get on to chat live about SEO beginning at the start of the month in which the workshop is held.
  • 2 months where we pay for your access to our favorite SEO data tracking tool.
  • Access to ALL of our online courses
  • A 90 minute group Zoom call before the workshop to make sure you are fully prepared to hit the ground running when we arrive on site!
  • Two 45 minute follow up group Zoom calls approximately 2 and 6 weeks after the workshop to answer any follow up questions and make sure your website is continue to climb in rankings!

Included During the SEO Training Workshop

During the workshop, we go above and beyond to support you in learning to apply our SEO concepts to your individual website.  We try to pay attention to all of the little details and really individualize our instruction to meet the specific needs of the group.  In general, you can expect the following during your 2.5 day training:

  • 16 hours of Workshop Time
  • In order to really make sure you understand concepts, we will first explain the importance of a concept (for example, meta descriptions), then demonstrate how to apply the concept (ex: we’ll write a meta description as a group) and then you’ll have some time to begin practicing that concept on your own websites while our staff walk around offering individual feedback & assistance.
  • Small group atmosphere!  Our maximum ratio for these workshops is 1:4.
  • A workbook complete with examples to help simplify concepts and give you additional information
  • You’ll learn all of our SEO tips and tricks including how to do write a meta description, add internal links in the most effective way possible, optimize photos, improve the readability of your site, request indexing as you make changes, what content to add to your site, tips for blogging to improve SEO & even how to earn more backlinks to your business website!
  • You’ll work in a supportive environment that will help simplify the process of SEO.

When will the workshop be offered next?

Because these 2.5 day comprehensive workshops are a huge time investment for our staff, we can’t offer them very often.  Upcoming Top of Search Engine workshops are planned for the following locations & approximate dates:

  • Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri – May 26-28 (Tues-Thurs)
  • Columbia, Missouri – July 9-11th (Thurs-Sat)
  • Live Oak, Florida – Aug 12-14th (Wed-Fri)

What is the Cost of this Workshop?

The cost will vary slightly depending on the cost of our location.  In general, it will cost $1,750 for workshops held in Missouri and $1,975 for workshops held outside of Missouri.

Commit to improving your SEO & growing your business!

Are you ready to get serious about learning Search Engine Optimization and getting your business in front of more clients who could use your help?  If so, you can reserve your seat at our next “Learn SEO in a Weekend” workshop by following these three easy steps:

  1. Use this link to reserve a time to speak to one of our SEO specialists and see if you’re a fit.
  2. Meet with one of our SEO specialists, ask all the questions you can think of & make the commitment to join us at a workshop soon!
  3. Attend the workshop, learn what it takes to get your website to the top of search engines & get personalized assistance  implementing everything you learn right away on your own business website!