As a business owner, you are a self starter  and willing to do what it takes to help your small business grow. You’ve heard SEO can help and you’re pretty sure you can learn to optimize your own website.  After all, you’ve learned to do about a million other things since becoming a business owner….

However, this SEO business is new territory. In fact, it’s a bit intimidating. All of the SEO jargon gets confusing.  You just want to know a few things you can focus on that will truly make a difference for your SEO.

If any of this sounds familiar, you are a perfect fit for our “Moving the SEO Needle” half-day Workshop! This one day SEO workshop is meant to give you concrete skills you can use to improve your websites search engine optimization and make sure you have everything you need to start working on it!


You’re looking for clear, simple steps you can take to improve your website’s SEO.

This “Moving the Needle” workshop will teach you some very solid steps you can take to improving your SEO.  Before you arrive, you’ll be able to go through our “SEO 1st Steps” course.  Then, you’ll come to the workshop and have a chance to learn specific steps you can take to optimize your SEO. In fact, you’ll have time to practice these new skills during the workshop so our staff can give you feedback and help you use these concepts as effectively as possible!  Then, you’ll leave with a newfound confidence in your own ability to optimize your site and a solid plan for how to keep improving your SEO moving forward!

This SEO training workshop is the start of your SEO journey.

I talk to therapists and small business owners all of the time who really, really want to learn to do their own Search Engine Optimization but don’t know where to start.  And let’s face it, SEO takes time.

This workshop can be your jumpstart. You’ll learn about keyword research and content creation for SEO before the workshop.  You’ll even have a chance to ask the Simplified SEO Staff questions to make sure you have everything you need ahead of time.

Then, during the workshop we’ll explain three very specific things you can do to improve your business website’s search engine rankings: write meta descriptions, create internal links with optimal anchor text & build backlinks. If that doesn’t make much sense right now, don’t worry.  We’ll simplify these concepts and show you the best way to use them!

You’ll have tools after the workshop to continue your SEO journey.

At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a solid plan for continuing to work on your SEO and the tools to put that plan into action. First, you’ll have access to our “Moving the Needle on SEO” online course that will review what was taught in person with additional examples and information. Additionally, you’ll have access to additional support from our staff, because for the rest of that calendar month, access to our secret Facebook group will be included.  There, you’ll be able to keep asking questions, watch more videos and join our staff for Facebook lives. We’ll even follow up with a final Q & A call about a month after the workshop where you can ask additional questions that come up as you work.

Who should attend this SEO training?

Individuals attending this event should be hard working, self motivated problem solvers who are excited to learn to do your own SEO.  To get the most out of this training, you’ll want to go through our “SEO 1st steps” course and add some extra content to your site prior to the training.  Then, you’ll want to have several hours you can devote to applying the concept in the first couple of weeks after you attend. In fact, you should be prepared to put a LOT of hard work into your website, and plan to keep doing your own SEO for the foreseeable future.

Success small business and private practice owners learning SEO tips and tricks in a small group setting with the SEO Consultants at Simplified SEO ConsultingMost of our clients therapists & counselors but we will talk to other healthcare providers &. helping professionals (such as chiropractors, midwifes & psychiatrists) about if they may be a good fit.  In general, attendees will be business owners.  In some cases, we may consider having someone else attend (for example, the marketing person at a practice), but will need to discuss that on an individual basis to make sure whoever attends has the authority to make the type of changes recommended for your site.

What all is included?

Support before & after the SEO workshop includes:

The Simplified SEO Consulting staff want your SEO training experience to begin before the workshop even starts! We have designed this program to offer some supports even before and after the workshop to make sure you really get the most out of the experience.  However, the real magic comes during the days we are actually working together in person!

  • Instructional video: A video to welcome you and explain specific steps you can take before the workshop to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment!  If you follow these steps, you’ll show up that first day with the groundwork in place to really get to work!
  • 1 month of membership in our private Facebook group where we share articles tips, answer questions, & regularly get on to chat live about SEO beginning at the start of the month in which the workshop is held.
  • 2 Online SEO Courses: Access to our “SEO 1st Steps” course before the workshop & our “Moving the SEO Needle” course after the workshop to help refresh your memory & provide additional information as you continue to apply what you’ve learned.
  • Follow Up Q&A Opportunity: One 45 minute follow up group Zoom calls about a month after the workshop to answer any follow-up questions and make sure your website continues to climb in rankings!

Included During the SEO Training Workshop

During this 4.5 hour workshop, you can expect the following:

  • You will learn how to:
    • Write an effective SEO title & meta description for each page of your business website.
    • Create internal links throughout your page in the most effective way possible.
    • Build backlinks to your website in an ethical, effective way.
  • In order to really make sure you understand concepts, we will first explain the importance of a concept (for example, meta descriptions), then demonstrate how to apply the concept (ex: we’ll write a meta description as a group) and then you’ll have some time to begin practicing that concept on your own websites while our staff walk around answering questions, offering individual feedback & assistance.
  • A workbook complete with examples to help simplify concepts and give you additional information.
  • You’ll work in a supportive environment that will help simplify the process of SEO.
  • Small group size. Our workshops will include no more than 8 participants if we have one staff member and no more than 14 if we have two staff members.
  • Time for Q&A at the end to make sure all of your questions are answered!

When can I attend a “Moving the Needle” SEO Workshop?

Upcoming “Moving the SEO Needle” workshops are planned for the following locations & approximate dates:

  • Atlanta, GA – March 20th ($650) – 9:30-3:30pm with a break for lunch at The Table in Smyrna, GA
  • Houston, TX – June 19th ($725)
  • Los Angeles, CA – Date TBD ($800)

What is the Cost of this SEO Workshop?

The cost will vary slightly depending on the cost of our location.  The cost of training will include everything listed above including the online courses &  in-person workshop.

Commit to improving your SEO & growing your business!

Are you ready to get serious about learning Search Engine Optimization and getting your business in front of more clients who could use your help?  If so, you can reserve your seat at our next “Moving the SEO Needle” workshop by paying now: