You are ready to optimize your own website

  • ✓ Are you the DIY type and enjoy working on your website?
  • ✓ Have you heard that SEO can help you grow your practice?
  • ✓ Would you like detailed instructions on how to improve your SEO?

  • ✓ Are you frustrated that the things you've tried so far haven't seemed to help?
  • ✓ Do you have the time to devote to optimizing your site?
  • ✓ Would you like an SEO course you can work through at your own pace?

At Simplified SEO Consulting, we believe you can optimize your own website but you deserve clear & detailed instructions so you have the information you need to be effective.

You want to get your website ranking better on Google so you can stop worrying about where the next client is coming from.

You’re willing to do the work on your site yourself, you just want to make sure you have all the information you need.

And you don’t have a lot of money to invest in SEO at the moment.


At Simplified SEO Consulting, we believe that every private practice owner CAN learn SEO. After all, Jessica has never claimed to be very tech savvy yet learning SEO has now helped her grow two successful businesses.

The issue is time and money.  There’s no way around the fact that optimizing your website WILL take a lot of time. However, you don’t want that time to be spent constantly searching for information.  You want it to be spent actually applying the concepts and working on your site.

Online SEO Courses for DIY Practice Owners!

Our online courses allow you to learn SEO on a budget and at your own pace.  We present concepts in a simple, down to earth way that helping professionals such as therapists can easily understand.  The typical way our courses are set up is that you have a video that introduces a concept and then a video that demonstrates how to apply it to a counseling website.  Some modules also include text explanations or worksheets.

Most of our clients use Word Press or Square Space websites, so these are the platforms we use for our demo videos. However, the same concepts apply to other platforms (Wix, Weebly, etc) but you may have to do a little additional work to figure out exactly how to do it on your platform. Don’t worry, you can always e-mail our staff for help if you run into an issue applying a concept on your platform!

Our Current Online SEO Courses

Female therapist learning Search Engine Optimization to improve rankings on Google for her private practice. This photo shoes an SEO Specialist pointing to a screen as she demonstrates how to understand this business owner's website data.“Top of Search Engines” – $495

This is our super comprehensive course with over 4.5 hours of video!  Jessica goes through all of the basic concepts we teach in our 2.5 day workshop or our 12 week individual training course.  You’ll see her edit pages live on screen with over 4.5 hours of video included!  From time to time, she even sends out an e-mail with a link to participate in a Q&A session.  This really is the cheapest way to learn to do your own SEO in an efficient manner! We typically recommend that you set aside several hours a week for a few weeks to work through the material included and begin applying it to your own site.

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“SEO First Steps” – $97Therapist on the computer learning to do her own SEO. Optimize your small business website for Google using these trainings!

Wondering where to even start?  This course walks you through three of the things you should do at the beginning of your SEO journey:

  1. Keyword Research to determine which search term’s you want to rank well for.
  2. Adding Content to your website that will set a good foundation for you to work on SEO.
  3. Summiting a sitemap so Google knows that each page on your website exists.

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african american man smiles because he improved his readability and SEO and is ranking better on search engines. He learned these skills from Simplified SEO consulting

“Moving the SEO Needle” – $197

This course continues to present SEO in a simple, easy to understand manner by giving you the next three steps you can take to really “move the needle” on your SEO and start moving your website up in Google rankings.  More specifically, in this course you'll learn how to write an effective meta descriptions, how we use internal links to really tell Google which pages of your site are important and an introduction to creating your own backlink building strategy.


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"Building Backlinks" - $99Backlink concept photo showing a therapist's hand holding a world with connections drawn between people. Represents how backlinks can help therapists, psychiatrists and other private practice owners improve their SEO

Want to go even more in depth learning about backlinks? This course has everything you need to know about creating an effective backlink building strategy that will help you maintain your credibility with Google for years to come!  Whether you're brand new to SEO or have been applying our tips for years and ready for an "intermediate" course you'll get an amazing value in this course! We cover how many backlinks you'll need, the most accurate place to check how many you already have, an in depth discussion about a variety of ways to earn new backlinks, how to tell if you have a "bad" backlink and what to do to respond.  You truly can't beat this price and will probably see it increasing in the next couple of months....

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