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You want support optimizing your website

  • ✓ Are you serious about optimizing your website the right way?
  • ✓ Do you want to optimize your site to bring in more of the right clients?
  • ✓ Are you tired of trying to optimize your site on your own without much success?

  • ✓ Would you like support and accountability as you learn SEO?
  • ✓ Will you be managing your own website for the foreseeable future?
  • ✓ Is now the time to really devote your time and energy to optimizing your website?

At Simplified SEO Consulting, we believe you deserve a website that brings in the clients you work the best with and we're here to give you the support you need to quickly get to the top of Search Engines.

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It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Website’s SEO

You are ready to really grow your private practice. In order to do that, you need to get more of the right clients calling. The problem is that nothing you’ve tried to get your website ranking on search engines seems to work enough and you aren’t even sure how to measure progress.  You feel frustrated, but also determined to figure this out.

At Simplified SEO Consulting, we believe you CAN get your website ranking better.  You deserve clear instructions, support and accountability while you are learning to optimize your site and that’s what our 12 Week SEO Intensive Program provides.

Our team of SEO experts will partner with you for 12 weeks while you dive deep into the world of SEO.


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What’s Included

This SEO training package focuses on teaching YOU (or your designee) to do your own SEO work on your website.  It includes:

  • One(1) 90 minute SEO Consultation Session: In our first session we will do a quick overview of all the basic SEO techniques we will be using, I’ll answer your SEO questions and we’ll develop a game plan

  • Five (5) 45-50 minute SEO Consultation Sessions: These sessions are generally scheduled every other week over the 12 weeks. We will use Zoom to video chat and often screen share while together we optimize pages together.  Sometimes this may involve me logging into the backend of your website and making changes for you while you watch, but often I have you making changes yourself using the screen share function while I coach you through the changes.  We generally optimize one page per session.

  • Lifetime access to the full, self-paced online “Top of Search Engines” Course
  • Accountability: Between SEO training sessions, you will have about two hours per week of homework to practice what you are learning.  At the beginning of each training session, you’ll be asked about that homework.

  • Real Results: You will have access to our Data Dashboard to track your progress throughout the 12 week program.  You will learn how to use the dashboard effectively to really understand how your website is performing.
  • Personalized Approach: Everything is individualized to your needs.  We’ve had both total beginners and people who have already worked on their site for awhile find this program incredibly valuable. Why? Because we meet you where you are, learn your goals and really tailor or work to meet those needs.

  • You may record calls to refer to later if you let Jessica know you are recording.

  • Support: You have the ability to ask questions in our closed Facebook group at any time and get a quick response!  Or, if you send a more detailed question via e-mail your messages get top priority for response.


Two people sit at a computer working and one is pointing at the screen | Therapist SEO courses are available to mental health professionals | Simplified SEO Consulting

It’s a Time Commitment to Learn SEO

Every person I’ve trained who has put in the time has been able to learn these concepts!  The tricky part is that whole “putting in the time” thing…I ask that you put in a minimum of 2 hours per week working on your website outside of our training sessions.  Basically, the more you put in the more you’ll get out of your training.  You’ll be adding service pages, adding photos, editing text, writing meta descriptions and more. It’s essential that you practice outside of our sessions and come prepared with questions and ready for feedback!


How much does this program cost?

This program includes everything you need to truly take a deep dive into optimizing your website!  If you have the time, energy and motivation to do this, we can help!

Total Cost: One Time Payment of $2,500 or 3 Monthly Payments of $900


Begin Diving Into Your SEO

You don’t have to keep struggling to teach yourself SEO. It’s time to get the support you need to truly be effective.

Here’s how it works:

1. Schedule a pre-consulting call to speak with one of our SEO Specialists. 

2. Get your questions answered and sign up for the SEO plan that best meets your needs. 

3. Hear from more of the clients you love to work with! 


Not sure this is the right SEO package? 

Don’t worry, we have lots of options!  In addition to this “Done with You” package, we offer affordable online SEO courses, a basic SEO Strategy package or comprehensive “Done for You” SEO Services. On your Zoom call, we can figure out exactly what the right fit is for you!

You don’t have to keep wondering what you’re doing wrong with your website. Schedule a call today and let’s find the SEO plan that will meet your needs!


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